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Short and usefull code snippets and tutorials used in day-to-day programing

Java ME menu with SVG-tiny.

Finally I did it! All the trial versions of Adobe Illustrator, Ikivo Animator, Beatware Mobile Designer and God knows whats more got expired and I really did start looking for other solutions to create Java ME menu (different than the standard solutions from the J2ME libraries) when finally I did something really simple – I […]

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Simple Web Service for retreiving Yahoo Map Images

I’m preparing the background for my Final Year Project at University. I’m planning to develop a mobile application making a heavy use of Location Based Services. The mobile application will communicate with the application server (possibly Glassfish V2 or JBoss) using Web Services (JSR-172). This is the prototype web service for later use by the […]

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Rapid CRUD application development with JBoss Seam and MySQL database.

Rapid web application development is only “rapid” if you know what you are doing! It took me some time to accomplish this goal with JBoss Seam but I think it was worth it. Seam framework is a bunch of the best technologies in Java world connected together and personally I think it has a big […]

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