Monthly Archives: December 2008

Install Adobe Flash Player 9 on OpenSolaris 11.2008

I have just installed the newest version of OpenSolaris on my laptop, and now I’m going through the installation of the ‘be-or-not-to-be’ software, I have noticed that the OS 11 has a nice package manager, but I couldn’t find the flash player on it. Here you have a short and easy instructions on how to […]

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OpenSolaris 11.2008 with Windows Vista

I don’t blog much last couple of days (actually months 🙂 ) but this one I just had too. I run into one post on Dzone (link) which was about ZFS time machine in new solaris 11.2008 and I thought that its good time I’ll give it another shot. I had some really bad experiences […]

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