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Google App Engine – Searching with JDO

How to perform a search in the Data Strore when there is nothing like ‘LIKE’ keyword available? This is a short code snipped allowing you to search the data in your Google App Engine data store. List<User> locs = new ArrayList<User>();         Query query = pm.newQuery(User.class);         query.setFilter("name >= […]

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Google App Engine – Querying related table using Key object

This is just a short note on how to query related entities in JDO. As I have found out, we cannot use the entity key as its shown in the Data Store Viewer on the GAE admin console eg. zzR0ZXN0cgkLEgNGb28XGQw and compare that using someRelatedEntityKey == zR0ZXN0cgkLEgNGb28XGQw, instead we just provide the whole Key object […]

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