Monthly Archives: April 2007

Small and hassle-free subversion repository with Goolge Code and Netbeans 5.5

Always wanted to use subversion but didn’t want to set up own server, didn’t know how, or maybe didn’t want to go through registration on Maybe for many it won’t be surprise BUT maybe there are some people out there, who just like me haven’t realized about free 100MB (can be more) version control […]

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How to’s: Installing Sun Studio 11 on Ubuntu 7.04 FF

I have always wanted to dive into C++ world (as a rather lazy kind never did). This is my another attempt. Since FF version of Ubuntu was released few days ago, almost every day I find something new and interesting. As I’m forced to write sometimes a very small C++ application (university commitments) and a […]

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Let’s get started…

It’s 29 of April 2007, almost 4 o’clock in the morning and I’ve just decided to start keeping track of some nicer things I’ve found when wandering the software world. Please do not take anything written here too seriously 😉

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