Starting Up with Erlang

Starting Up with Erlang

Having a small break from all the courseworks and final year project I had a look at Erlang, new (for me) programming language which I spot sometimes here and there on the web. Designed at the Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory the open source version is freely available at
What really made me think about this programming language?
First, the SimpleDB released by Amazon as a nice addon to their web services suite is written in Erlang!
Secondly, I think the multicore computing is the future and we are going definitely into more cores than into speed of a single core (Sun, AMD and Intel trends is a simple proof), Erlang is about parallel programming.
Next, Erlang parallel programming doesn’t use locks, synchronized methods and corrupted memory (no shared memory). I assume it will be easier than in Java. 😉
It’s functional language and finally maybe I will have one of those in my languages toolbox. 🙂
Let’s see what is it!

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