Rolling with RoR!

Rolling with RoR!

I’m so busy that I don’t have time to write even this post, continuous university madness, courseworks, final year project, reports, girlfriend etc.. ;), In other words my blog is almost forgotten and when sometimes I find a very nice thing programming something here and there I just cannot share it with the rest of the world, pity!
I have just found another excuse not to do what I supposed to, and I have started learning Rails!
As with JBoss Seam this is VERY VERY cool framework! I even like it a bit more than JBoss SEAM as development with Rails is pretty easy. No long running redeployments, pretty small and quick web server and another few 1000 pages to read, that’s exactly what I love!
Well, but this post is not exactly about Ruby on Rails, it is about Aptana Studio 1.0!
When I started coding a bit of ruby code I started looking for some nice IDE which would help me organise a few things and I after a minut googling I’ve got it.
There are 4+ very nice features in Aptana:

  • First it’s based on Eclipse which I really like (that was my first real IDE)
  • Second, it’s free (there are 2 editions, community(free) and pro (not really expensive)
  • It runs on LINUX!!! 🙂 (enough said!)
  • It’s pretty easy to conifgure (installing Rails plug-in takes a minute)
  • It has PHP plugin.

Well, this is actually five :). Especially the last feature was a surprise for me. For the last couple of weeks I’m forced to use Windows Vista for C#(VS 2005) and PHP(Dreamweaver) projects and this small thing allows me to go back more often to my linux partition.
If you are a developer not really using WYSWIG features of Dreamweaver and you like just code and have nice syntax highlighting with FTP synchronization this tool is just right!

Simple screenshot from the rails perspective:

Open Source rulez!

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  1. ooblogger December 1, 2007 at 4:28 pm

    I would like to comment on that entry myself and just after a week since using RoR with Aptana I have realized that my old friend Netbeans (6.0 RC) does the job much better !!!

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