Nice Surprise! - Ubuntu 7.04 with Dell laptop short story!

Nice Surprise! – Ubuntu 7.04 with Dell laptop short story!

I have just bought brand new, shiny Dell Inspiron 6400 with Windows Vista installed on it. Well, my Vista experience didn’t last long (about 2 hours) and after I had to restart my laptop several times and answer few questions everytime I wanted to do something (basically anything). I have decided to stop all this and go back to my favorite linux distro. I have left Vista on it as I will need it later for my university work, and decided to create a dual boot machine.
Now very good piece of advice for anyone buying a Dell computer – boot your machine from the recovery disk, install Vista from scratch and get rid of all this software preinstalled, this way you know what is going on.
Vista is quite resistive and wants to have all computer for itself but I had encountered a few very nice surprises.
First of all, Vista has quite nice partitioner. You can partition your disk in very easy and intuitive way.
Secondly and most importantly Ubuntu proved to be great again!
There is no conflict with the boot loaders, the Ubuntu GRUB doesn’t mess up Vista and nicely add it to the grub options. This was really nice as when I always start messing up with GRUB something strange comes out of it 😉 this is of course simple lack of understanding things but who has a time for it.
But that is nothing compare to the experience after installation! Everything works perfectly (so far 🙂 ).
All the function buttons, MediaDirect buttos, wireless, memory card reader, nividia graphics (well this one with a little help from automatix), basically EVERYTHING!!!
I understand that this is probably a result of Canonnical and Dell cooperation and I have to say this – Thank you very much!

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  1. Anthony Chaves May 27, 2007 at 5:43 pm

    It’s good to know you had a good experience putting Ubuntu on your Dell laptop. I’ve got a similar laptop that I was thinking of using with Linux and I’m glad to see everything works with minimal effort (especially the media buttons).

    I assume you used a vanilla download of Ubuntu instead of getting the laptop directly from Dell with Ubuntu pre-installed since they just started shipping those configurations this week. Again, great to know everything works! Thanks for giving this a shot and writing about it!


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