Java One in London!

Java One in London!

Heh, my blog gets a little bit dusty!
I was thinking about writing the next entry on the 12th of July but I think I will just write a small one now, as I want to share something with everyone who doesn’t know yet! Guess what? We have a small piece of Java One in London on Thursday the 12th! Very very nice! The event will take place at 45 King William Street. I have been there a few times already and I have to tell – very nice place and very nice people! So, if you have some spare time in the morning like me, go ahead and meet me there!
You would have to register for the event and before you do, check out the agenda:

1. Start 8:30 – Registration and coffee
2. Deep dive JavaFX
3. Deep dive real-time system 2.0
4. NetBeans 6.0
5. Cool Stuff: Sun SPOT in action
6. End 13:00 – Lunch!

For more details visit the link below.
You can register in two ways, one directly through Sun Microsystems and the other via Arcadia .

Of course, I imagine, it’s not going to be exactly like the proper Java One but in some ways it’s even better.
First of all, it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂 and it’s in London not San Francisco, summer is s..t, it’s raining all the time and if you have summer holiday like me, leave your computer for a while and finally meet some people!
Strongly recommended!

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