Head First Software Development completed!

Head First Software Development completed!

Another example of the book proving that software books can be fun! Head First series books are usualy easy to read and thats what makes them most valuable for me. I have read a few of them, since I started learning how to program, and I was never disappointed, I think I have read HF Servlets and JSP about 3 times 🙂 and I know that if I start a project with Servlets or JSPs I will read a few bits again :).
HF Software Development is of course no exception. This book on my bookshelf is a result of my new subscription to Safari, I should actualy say it’s on my virtual bookshelf :).
I belive there are experienced software developers which will find this book boring or maybe not bringing anything new to their ‘toolbox’.
For me this book is superb! In my opinion every CS student should read it before going into the wild and look for a job.
This is in short what you can get:

  • A feel of profesional software development process
  • Reason for manager’s daily headache 🙂
  • What is TDD and how it works
  • What is Continous Integration
  • How tos: gathering requirements, desing and implement
  • A few bits on proper design, UML and refactoring
  • Many others which I either considered common knowledge or haven’t notice 🙂

Go to Safari books online or Amazon for detailed table of contents.
I would give it 5/5 mark.
Highly recommended

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