Google Developers Day 2007

Google Developers Day 2007

Well, all what I would say here is – It was just great! Today I was one of many people attending Google Developers day and I’m telling you that it was worth it. I did spend there almost all day, I have to say that it was really well organized. It wasn’t as big as Sun Tech Days few weeks ago which were brilliant but it was Google’s first year and I hope the event will be much bigger next time (I hope there will be next time 🙂 ).
I was a bit disappointed with the mobility session as in my opinion was way too short and covered just the basic staff and for people really interested in recent Google’s developments on the mobile platform well known already. The other thing is that people working for this company didn’t really want to talk about the future directions the company will take with their APIs development which was a bit disappointing, well, they say that they cannot talk about it. Why it’s so big secret I have no idea.
Anyway I’m quite impressed, I love this kind of events as they always give me some boost to evolve and try new stuff.
Below I post some pictures stolen from the blog created especially for the event, you can read about it more @:
and the blog address with some more pictures @:

People in the main lounge:

One of the sessions:

Key note session at the beginning of the event:

Thanks Google!

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