Disable Ubuntu Desktop Screen Auto Locking

Disable Ubuntu Desktop Screen Auto Locking

Is your Ubuntu desktop locking every time you leave it for a minute or two and its driving you nuts? I was looking for the solution to this today and finally I’ve found it. Not that I was looking so long, I have to admit I was lazy, as my Ubuntu screen was pissing me off for a long time, I’ve never had time to actually find a solution to this.
It looks like a basic and very simple option, which I thought, would be pretty easy to find in the power settings, but hell no, no luck.

For all of you lazy and not lazy people, which locking ubuntu screen drives mad, do the following:

1. As a root/sudo type in the terminal:


2. Find the key:


and uncheck it!
You can actually uncheck all of the keys under ‘lock’ just in case Ubuntu would like to piss you off next time using hibernate option, screensaver etc

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  1. Chetan Crasta October 4, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    An easier way of doing this is to go to System > Preferences > Screensaver and unchecking the option “Lock screen when screen saver is active”.
    Alternatively, one can increase the idle time that triggers the locking from the default 5 minutes to something longer.

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