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Info related to general programming topics in many different languages, including design patterns, object orientation, memory management etc

Ruby Friday

Programming languages are like girlfriends, you spend a lot of time with one and after some time you want to try another ;). Well, I would say they are even better as you don’t have to give up the old one. My first language, which I would say cautiously, I’m proficient with, is of course […]

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Google Developers Day 2007

Well, all what I would say here is – It was just great! Today I was one of many people attending Google Developers day and I’m telling you that it was worth it. I did spend there almost all day, I have to say that it was really well organized. It wasn’t as big as […]

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3G My first project started!

I have just started my frist project on This is an attempt to provide simple implementation of the JGG-API, the API for using Gadu-Gadu server, very popular chat in Poland, my home country. Everyone is welcome to participate! The mission is very simple, first of all, to make it work :), I will try […]

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Let’s get started…

It’s 29 of April 2007, almost 4 o’clock in the morning and I’ve just decided to start keeping track of some nicer things I’ve found when wandering the software world. Please do not take anything written here too seriously 😉

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